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Spiri-apps, as the name implies, develops apps. Not just any apps, but spiritual apps. Apps for spiritual self-help. There are hundreds of these, but Spiri-apps takes it one step further. Our apps change your life, help you attract prosperity and to let go of your fears. And much more… The intention is that Spiri-apps helps you on your way with your life processes. Our spiritual apps don’t have fancy sounds and aren’t high-tech, but they actually hand you something. The spiritual applications by Spiri-apps can be used on your smarthphone and/or tablet. We wish you a lot of fun with these. Do you want to get started rightaway and download one (or maybe even more) of our spiritual apps? That’s possible! You can find more information and links to download the apps by Spiri-apps below:

Angel App

Angel App by Spiri-apps helps you with hundreds of common situations. You can call the help of an angel for all of these situations. By example: fulfilling your heart’s desire, attracting happiness in your life, be enthusiastic, support your memory, avoiding accidents, solving problems, energy in case of fatigue and more and more. The help becomes a lot more effective if you directly address the appropriate angel. Each angel has its own field of work and thus deals with specific situations. Click above for more information and downloads.

Guided Meditation and Visualization App

Guided Meditation and Visualization App by Spiri-apps is about cleansing and providing your body and soul with positive new energy by using guided meditations in combination with visualisation and feelings. During these guided meditations by Spiri-apps we combine a voice and visualisations. You are invited to see everything that is being told in front of you. A step further is also feeling it. Meditating, visualising and feeling combined lead to a stronger and more powerful positive outcome of a meditation. This app contains 10 meditations. These are meditations you use for daily life: Beginning to meditate, gaining more self-confidence, letting go and cleansing with a subject, loving yourself, regaining energy, sleeping well or total relaxation, etc. Click above for more information and downloads.

Aninal Messages App

Animals Messages App Pro. Animals can give you messages. It’s interesting to understand these messages. The Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps helps you with this. The Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps describes what the animals stand for, briefly describes what message they can give you, and there are 3 affirmations for each animal that suit the situation. This app contains over 100 animals. Click above for more information and downloads

Positive Affirmation App

Positive Affirmations App by Spiri-apps provides you with dozens of useful affirmations. Affirmations are positive short sentences you keep repeating and that help you in daily situations. You use these sentences to achieve a goal or to change a conviction. By regularly repeating an affirmation, you are programming your sub consciousness. The Positive Affirmations app by Spiri-apps perfectly helps you with this. Click above for more information and downloads.

Ascended Masters App

Ascended Masters App Pro helps you when you want to make drastic changes to your life. Are you looking for growth in your life, do you want to let go of fears or do you want to attract prosperity? A risen or ascended master is a spiritual teacher who has gone through one or even more incarnations on earth. They are powerful guides and light beings who can help you understand the meaning of life. And that is exactly what the Ascended Masters app by Spiri-apps helps you with! You will also acome across affirmations in the Ascended Masters app by Spiri-apps. Click above for more information and downloads.

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