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Archangel Michaël protection. Archangel Michaël and his protective pillar of light

Archangel Michaël protection. Archangel Michaël and his protective pillar of light. Easy to do yourself and it protects you against unwanted energies.

Archangel Michaël protection

Archangel Michaël protection

You have to understand that angels and archangels were created by mother/father God to carry out certain tasks. There’s not much free will regarding the execution of these tasks. The same goes for me, Michaël .

The archangel Michaël is a famous figure to many people, because a lot has been written about him in the Bible. There are also numerous depictions of him in windows of churches and cathedrals. For many people it however not really clear what my role is an how many other archangels and angels I guide. You could say I have many Legions of the Light, many legions of angels under my command. For the entire creation, the focus of the Cosmic Plan is the integration of Love, All Encompassing Love in the self of everyone. My task, and the task of all legions under my command, is to ensure the plan of Love and to protect human beings.

Archangel Michaël protection

Archangel Michaël protection

Why protection?

You could ask the question: “Why do I need Michael’s protection? Why do I need protection at all?” Well, some people have so much love integrated in their hearts that they are now unimpressionable by the forces of the brothers and sisters of the Darkness. Those people don’t need protection. But the fact is that many people still need to be surrounded by the energies of Light and Love to block unharmonious energies, and those energies that dissociate from the Source.

Pillar of light

Another thing is that I control the Pillars of Light and the Pillars of Love. If you feel you can’t manage to keep the energy of love in your heart, when fears overcomes you, or if you feel you’re heavily pressured by the brothers and sisters of the Darkness, or whatever other energy that causes you to lose the focus in light and love, ask me for a pillar of light. I can’t give this without you asking, because you have the free will to suffer or to not suffer. If you suffer, I will feel love and empathy for you, but I’m not allowed to intervene. Ask me for a pillar of light or love.

Archangel Michaël protection

 Hoe does this work?

I will explain how this works; “Archangel Michaël , surround me in a pillar of Light!” If you ask for this, I know you really want it. You might be thinking: “I won’t ask Michaël for a pillar of Light to often, I don’t want to bother him, and he’ll probably be very busy.” These thoughts stem from thoughts and energies of being unworthy. Everyone is worthy. Mother/Father God ordered me to provide as many pillars of Light as people ask for. If I have nothing to do, how do I entertain myself? I could maybe get bored if I wasn’t allowed to provide pillars of Light. Maybe you ask yourself how I can be in one, two, or five million places at once. But I have command over the Legions of Light, and they provide Love, pillars of Light and protection.

Now, let’s ask for a pillar of Light together. Repeat after met; “Archangel Michaël , give me a pillar of Light, now.” See the electric blue energy descend. Silver and gold energies. It’s really simple. I ask you, brothers and sisters, to integrate my words.


Archangel Michaël protection. This text contains channeled information by archangel Michaël for everyone. I simply have nothing to add. I think the text is clear enough. The images show you what it looks like. What the pillar looks like, oval-shaped, round or straight; it doesn’t matter. If you ask for it, also try to visualise this pillar of blue light around you. and if you think about it from time to time, just repeat this. It’s very simple, powerful, and everyone can use it. You can do this at home or when you suddenly end up in an emergency situation!

Archangel Michaël protection

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