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Ascension: Higher energy/vibrations on earth. How do you notice them?

Ascension: Higher energy/vibrations on earth. How do you notice them?


Channelled information about after 2012 and our earth. By Ute Kretzschmar, german writer.


The earth removed itself from the circle of three-dimensionality. Your planet has been in a constant heightened state of vibration since 1987. Currently, the earth is carried by increasingly heightened vibrations that settle there. An intensive change process is paired with this. The human consciousness or ascension makes big leaps because of the increasing vibration. Time seems to pass faster and faster, even though the clocks still tick at the same speed. Your time perception has greatly increased compared to the past.  You sometimes feel that certain tasks take more time. You are surprised about how quickly your morning, day, week and year pass.

Increasing vibrations

We would like to tell you to try and not let life rush you as a result of these increasing vibrations! Create times of peace and relaxation. Set priorities: what is truly important in your life? And keep thinking about yourself and your wellbeing. Learn how to create an inner balance. This heightened vibration is actually neutral. Just like the sun shines on everyone and doesn’t exclude anyone, everyone is affected by the heightened vibration. This heightened vibration brings to light what you were able to hide from yourself in the third dimension: your beliefs and thoughts!

Ute Kretzschmar

Increase your consciousnes

It is therefore extremely important to increase your consciousness. No longer put your head in the sand and observe your thoughts and beliefs. And if you discover thoughts that don’t contribute to a higher sense of wellbeing, learn how to steer against this. Stop the unconscious autopilot. This process is an act of will in which constantly working on yourself is essential. That’s the price of mastery. The only one who is capable of changing your thoughts is you. Nobody will rise and clear your mind! You are solely responsible for the choice of your thoughts. And take this from us: there is nobody who will carry you over the threshold!

Personally I am a big fan of the books by Ute Kretzschmar. She writes very clearly and understandably about ascension and the path to the fifth dimension. Her channelled information also comes across as very reliable to me. There is just so much going on in the field of ascension. It is very interesting to read more about it and consciously experience it. It happens! It is full around us…

Are you working on your spiritual development? I`ve developed various apps that can support you with this. An app about the help from angels, an app about the use of affirmations, an app about calling assistance from ascended masters and an app about the messages from animals. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling. You can find a total overview on this page.

Paul Wezenbeek

Other items for spiritual help and growth.

Spiritual information:

Reincarnation. Why are we on earth, what is the purpose? What happens between the lives?

The fifth dimension, what does that mean? What is it really…

Ascension: Higher energy/vibrations on earth. How do you notice them?

Chakras: what, what for and why….

Buddha. A lot of people have a Buddha statue. When and where did he live? Who was he?

Why meditate? What is it? Why and how do you do it?

Third eye. What is it? What does it do? Where is it?

Spiritual help:

Archangel Michaël and his protective pillar of light.

Goddess Lakshmi and attracting abundance.

Sleeping well. Going to sleep in a positive way.Requesting energetic help to guide you in your sleep.

Help of angels. Ask them for help! Right now! Angels are love and there’s nothing wrong with love…

Affirmations: Nine golden rules for using affirmations successfully.


Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.

The self-help apps for spiritual growth and help:

Guided Meditation and Visualization App – Guided Meditations including Visualization and Feeling

Angel App – Help from Angels

Animal Messages App – Messages from animals

Ascended Masters App – Help from risen Masters

Positive Affirmations App – Using affirmations

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