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Chakra: what, what for and why….

Chakras: what, what for and why….


What are chakras?

The first important thing to understand about chakras is to realise that we are made out of energy. Everything is energy. What we call mass, is simply dancing energy. Because the energy forms so rapidly and harmoniously play together it looks like they are solid particles. But that is false, and illusion, everything is energy.

Chakras look like a type of energy funnels that spin like a wheel (chakra means wheel in Sanskrit). We absorb energy from the cosmos through these energy funnels and use it for all our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes. The seven main chakras have their own place in the physical body, where the main nerve plexuses occur. The chakras distribute their energy from these points.

This is what it looks like, each chakra has its own colour:


Chakras take up energy and give off energy through the energy channels that flow through the body. All chakras play an important role in the wellbeing of body and mind. Each chakra has an influence on certain bodily functions and emotions. The ideal situation is all chakras being open and equally active. Unfortunately this is usually not the case. Chakras can be ‘closed’, creating energy blockages. Other chakras become too active in an attempt to compensate this, which in turn causes other problems.

Each chakra consists of two parts

Each chakra consists of two parts. A ‘wheel’ turns on the front side of the body and its counterpart turns on the back side. Together they form one chakra. It’s important that the front and back sides of a chakra are in balance with each other, because this would lead to the best energy provision through the body. The front side represents the ‘emotional side’ and the chakras on the back of the body represent the ‘will side’. The base chakra and the crown chakra – the lowest and highest chakras in the body – are the only energy centres in which the wide part of the funnel points downwards and upwards, respectively. All other chakras are across the body.

Seven main chakras

Seven main chakras are distinguished on the front and back side of the body: Crown chakra, Brow/Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sacral/Navel chakra, Base chakra. Chakras have a major influence on the psychological and physical harmony. The energy of certain chakras is often suppressed or blocked, causing you to get out of balance. When the chakras are functioning properly, they enable a energetic and balanced life. A blockage in one of the chakras can manifest itself through physical or psychological symptoms.

Why balancing chakras?

In order to have a general wellbeing it is usually sufficient to balance the seven main chakras and maintain this balance. If a chakra does not function properly and therefore does not take up enough energy or is too active and takes up or gives off too much energy, an imbalance between the chakras occurs, which can lead to emotional or physical problems. These physical and/or emotional complaints can be alleviated or cured by balancing the chakras. Balancing chakras is however not a solution to every problem, but it initiates a process that leads to a deepened insight into yourself. It promotes learning to listen to your own body and mind. It makes people aware of their own body and of the fact that everything in the human body is connected. You can balance the chakras through healing, for instance with a Reiki treatment. It’s also possible to place gems on your chakras to balance them. I recommend that you do this under supervision.


Spiritual help

Naturally it is wise to consult a professional when you want to bring balance to your chakras. You could however do a lot of it yourself, for instance by using affirmations. I`ve developed apps you can use to make changes to your life. You could for instance use the help of angels or ascended masters. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling. Feel free to check out the spiritual apps page to find out if there is something that speaks to you…

There are 7 main chakras. These will all be discussed below:

First or Basic or Root chakra

The name already says it: the root chakra provides us with a base and foundation and ensures we stay firmly with both feet on the ground. This helps to ground you. The first chakra is connected to the earth.

With proper functioning: Rooted in the here and now, security, safety

With bad functioning: Fear, lack of discipline, little strength and endurance

Area of activity: Survival, self preservation

Physical function: Intestinal system, legs and feet

Colour: Red

Suitable stones to use: Bloodstone, chrysocolla, obsidian, red jasper, citrine, smoky quartz, carnelian

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological complaints: Lack of discipline and motivation. Anger, violence and other negative expressions of feelings may be caused by a disturbed chakra.

Physical complaints: An imbalanced Base chakra can cause problems with the legs, feet, knees and lower back. Joint problems. One may also experience dental problems. It could also cause you to get sick more often. Eating disorders are also related to this.

Second of Sacral/Naval chakra

We leave the safety and security of the pure earthly existence and literally and figuratively expose ourselves to come into contact with the other in an intimate way. We can also be more vulnerable internally  in our growth towards a lighter and more balanced existence.

With proper functioning: Joy of living, connectedness

With bad functioning: Impotence, fear of enjoyment, other sexual problems

Area of activity: Sexuality and reproduction

Physical function: Genitalia

Colour: Orange

Suitable stones to use: Orange calcite, carnelian, citrine, red jasper

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological problems: complaints that have to do with the genital chakra are: Lethargy, no desire for sex and/or food. Also, very strong emotions may occur; such as obsessive behaviour and being emotionally dependent on other people.

Physical complaints: Physical consequences for this chakra are mainly focused around the chakra area, so around the reproductive organs, both internally and externally. Menstrual and urine problems can be caused by this chakra.

Third or Solar Plexus chakra

The third chakra is our house of energy. Mind (Shiva) and matter (Shakti), heaven and earth come together in this chakra to shape our ideas. The ego is not really positioned well in spirituality, but we definitely need it, because otherwise our plans will not amount to anything.

With proper functioning: Strength, self confidence

With bad functioning: Shame, low self esteem, inability to relax, emotional instability

Area of activity: Willpower, power, the ego

Physical function: Stomach, liver, gall bladder,  muscle system and nervous system

Colour: Yellow

Suitable stones to use: Tiger’s eye, citrine, yellow tourmaline, amber

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological problems: One has little energy to start and finish things. It is not unusual that a defeatist inside a person awakens when this chakra is imbalanced. Obstacles in your way can be seen all over, rendering you unable to summon the will.

Physical complaints: An imbalanced solar plexus chakra can cause disturbances in the  blood, such as diabetes and a high blood pressure. Furthermore, disturbances of the digestive system are possible with this chakra. A disrupted immune system can be a result of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra.

Fourth or Heart chakra

Whoever lives from the heart has trust and can live like the lilies in the fields and the birds in the sky in the equanimity of the wiseman. Malignant feelings, anxiety, aggression and hatred are signs that you still have a long way to go. Your heart as mirror of your soul shows that the lower chakras are not ready yet and distract you from the path of love.

With proper functioning: Alignment, unconditional love, compassion

With bad functioning: Not empathic, inability to love yourself and others

Area of activity: Love, relationships

Physical function: Heart, lungs, blood

Colour: Green

Suitable stones to use: Rose quartz, aventurine, moldavite, sapphire

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological problems: This chakra is important for maintaining relationships. If this chakra is imbalanced, you could become dependent on the love of others. You could furthermore become highly critical towards yourself, but also towards others and you could develop a fear of intimacy. People can experience you as heartless because of these things. This can also be a cause of depressions.

Physical complaints: Problems with the airways, such as asthma and bronchitis, disturbances in the heart and circulation of the blood.

Fifth or Throat chakra

The neck connects the body to the head. The throat chakra is the connection between the three lower chakras and the heart chakra with the two higher chakras. The love of the heart chakra is beautiful, but what are we if we can not express it? Communicating, expressing, this is the domain of this chakra. This is the chakra of creativity and artistry.

With proper functioning: Cooperation between thinking and feeling

With bad functioning: Difficulties expressing, fear of speaking

Area of activity: Communication

Physical function: Breathing, ears, digestive system

Colour: Blue

Suitable stones to use: Amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise, chalcedony

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological problems: Difficulties articulating emotions, quick lump in the throat and emotional.

Physical complaints: Elevated thyroid functioning and throat problems.

Sixth or Third Eye or Brow chakra

The third eye chakra is also called the inner eye or command centre. Which is for a reason, because this inner eyes indicates the most important feature. This is the chakra of insight.

With proper functioning: Rooted in the here and now, safety, security

With bad functioning: Fear, lack of discipline, little strength and endurance

Area of activity: Survival, self preservation

Physical function: Intestinal system, legs and feet

Colour: Indigo

Suitable stones to use: Sodalite, lapis lazuli, purple fluorite, angelite

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological complaints: Convulsively holding on to the own standpoint, unwillingness to listen to others.

Lack of imagination and creativity. Depression and aimlessness.

Physical complaints: Bad vision. Headaches (above the eyes) and problems with concentration.

Seventh or Crown chakra

Enlightenment is not cut out for every one every day, but also in the world of time and space, the crown chakra does its job.

Equanimity is key here. You are not a slave of your passions and fears. Joy and sorrow are let go, because your inner calm is imperturbable.

With proper functioning: Cosmic awareness, sense of unity, connection with our higher self

With bad functioning: Narrow-minded, materialistic

Area of activity: Wisdom, spiritual insight

Physical function: Large brains, central nervous system

Colour: White

Suitable stones to use: Citrine, rock crystal, azeztulite, celestine

Possible additional complaints if imbalanced: Psychological complaints: This is different than the other chakras. The crown chakra is mainly a receptor of energy, whereas the other chakras also pass on and distribute energy. A blockage therefore causes all other chakras to insufficiently receive energy. Especially the lower chakras will face energy shortages, which can lead to a craving for earthly things, such as feeding the ego by exercising power or having a materialistic mindset. Depression and schizophrenia.

Physical complaints: Can cause headaches.


Naturally it is wise to consult a professional when you want to bring balance to your chakras. You could however do a lot of it yourself, for instance by using affirmations. I`ve developed apps you can use to make changes to your life. You could for instance use the help of angels or ascended masters. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling. Feel free to check out the spiritual apps page to find out if there is something that speaks to you…

Paul Wezenbeek

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