childhood trauma

Childhood trauma. Working on trauma from your childhood. Healing this together with your inner child.

Childhood trauma. Working on trauma from your childhood. Healing this together with your inner child.

childhood trauma

Childhood trauma

I think all of us encountered things in their childhood that didn’t go ideally. Some experienced more of this than others. Childhood trauma. We are often not aware that experiences in our youth can stay with you for life. They can even define your whole life. Childhood experiences, the relationship with your parents and the things that happen in school have a large impact on the way you approach life at a later age.

Childhood trauma and parents. If parents insufficiently see the needs of their children, psychological problems may occur and an emotional burden accumulates.

Childhood traumas and traumatic experiences that are not fully processed can bring about unpleasant consequences and symptoms you may still suffer from today, such as: physical, mental and emotional impairments, posttraumatic stress disorder and other psychological symptoms.


When emotions are blocked, it’s often because we experienced events during which these emotions were too intense so process all at once. The emotions that remain in our body form an emotional blockage. When emotions are blocked, other feelings take their place. Sadness can for instance transfer to self-pity, shame, bitterness, depression, anger and worrying. Anxiety can turn into panic, phobias, avoidance, denial, a fear of future things, and so on.

If you are experiencing this, it’s important to do something about it. Naturally, I recommend going to your physician. There are many different specialists and treatment methods that could help you. I will describe a ritual you can do yourself below. See it as a supplement. Anyone can do this. It is harmless. The only important thing is that you carry it out with love and respect and with the right intention.

Childhood traumas and inner child

The following ritual is a variation of the Ho`oponopono ritual. I do it regularly and find it very pleasant. The Ho`oponopono ritual stems from a shaman from Hawaii. It involves making contact with your inner child. Your inner child is formed based on your experiences in your childhood. You develop all sorts of skills during this period you will need in life. Your inner child is housed in the bottom three chakras.

childhood trauma

Exercise to heal childhood traumas with your inner child

Childhood trauma. You can do this exercise for instance before going to sleep, so while you’re in bed. Each time you do this exercise you pick a theme you want to receive healing for. The theme of this example is not receiving enough love during your childhood.

Try to relax. Try to breathe calmly. Make sure you take your time for this. Try to relax your mind and thoughts. Just let everything go. Don’t pay any attention to the thoughts that come to you.

Your heart is your centre. We will first connect the heart and energy with each other in preparation for the ritual. Try to let energy ascend from your feet. This is earth energy that offers safety and security. Feel this energy crawling up towards your heart. Feel how your heart is being filled with this energy. Try to feel incoming energy through the crown of your head. This is cosmic energy that increases your intuition and brings you inspiration and wisdom. Let this energy enter your heart. If you have difficulties doing this, try giving the energy a colour. Give the earth energy a red colour and the cosmic energy a blue/violet colour. Try to feel and visualise how these energies come together in your heart and for instance create circles in your heart and mix with each other. Feel that it’s good!

Making contact with your inner child

Now place both hands on your body. Place them on top of each other, with the palms facing down between your belly button and your private parts. This is the spot of the inner child. Now try to make contact with your inner child. Ask lovingly if you’re allowed to make contact, start talking with it. If you have the right intention and you do it with love, it will work. The inner child is not going to talk back and even if you feel nothing at all, trust that it’s working and that she’s listening! Take your time making contact.

Now tell your inner child you want to remove all blockages you have in the area of giving and receiving love. Talk about and describe that you didn’t receive enough love from your parents during your childhood. Don’t do this with any resentment, because that’s not what it’s about right now! Do it with respect and understand that your inner child carried this with her all this time. Take your time doing this.

Now turn your hands around so the palms are facing up and invite your inner child to place a package of a shortage of love, pain, sadness and negative experiences on your hands. Now say these four short phrases:

Inner child, I’m sorry

Inner child, forgive me

Inner child, I love you

Inner child, I thank you

Repeat this as long as you’re thinking of negative experiences. You can do this as many times as you want, as long as it feels right.

childhood trauma

Try to feel and visualise

There’s a big chance you feel a package placed on your hands at a certain point. Even if you’re not very sensitive to energy. Know and trust this is the case! Now put this package between your hands. Bring your hands towards your mouth and powerfully blow this package into the universe. Try to visualise all this negative energy disappearing into the universe. Then thank the universe for taking this negative energy.

Then extensively thank your inner child. Put your hands back on the same spot and send love to your inner child. If you for instance practise reiki, you could send her some reiki. Otherwise, just try to send her love. Practice makes perfect! You can do it! Finally, agree that you’ll be back to work on the same or on different issues.

Repeat the theme as many times as you want. You can also do it with other themes that didn’t go well in your childhood. The inner child has carried these bad experiences all this time. So be thankful and loving. Repeat this ritual as many times as feels right! Your inner child will be happy and you can now shine together!

We are all different, and especially at the start it might be difficult if you don’t feel anything is happening. You will have doubts on whether it will work. This all has to do with sensitivity to energy. Trust that it will happen. If you do it with the right intention, love and respect, it will definitely work!!

Good luck

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