November 7, 2015

Angel App – Help From Angels

Angel App

Angels can help you achieve certain goals. But they can do much more. They provide support in certain situations, angels can offer solutions to change and improve issues in your life. This app by Spiri-apps greatly helps you with this.

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Angels are light beings who like to help us people. Help from angels is not a luxury, but they can never provide it unsolicited. Do you want help from angels? You will have to ask for it yourself. This aide becomes a lot more effective if you directly address the appropriate angel. Each angel has its own field of work and thus deals with specific situations. The Angel app by Spiri-apps tells you exactly which angel you need.

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Angel app by Spiri-apps

This app by Spiri-apps helps you with hundreds of common situations. You can call the help of an angel for all of these situations. You can easily do this with your phone or tablet. Thanks to this spiritual app, calling angels will become fun. This is an addition to the traditional way of calling angels, and can become very challenging. This app by Spiri-apps is therefore meant to help people who like to use the amazing help of angels.

Enjoy this app that includes over 300 situations:

In this app by Spiri-apps you can find more than 300 different situations for which you can call for the help of angels. Here are some examples:

Promoting self-esteem, opening the heart, fulfilling your heart’s desire, attracting happiness in your life, be enthusiastic, support your memory, avoiding accidents, solving problems, energy in case of fatigue, dealing with fear, letting go of old habits, smoking cessation, anger management, overcoming jealousy, attracting the right love in your live, stimulate passion in your existing relationship, wanting to receive consolation, solve sexual problems, letting go of negative images, portraying courage, experience inner peace, finding a new job, and so on.


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This app by Spiri-apps comes in English and Dutch, and does not contain any ads. You will also never receive any push notifications with Spiri-apps. Since I does not allow advertising on my apps and website I ask a fee of 0.99 eurocents for downloading an app. This app is forever for you disposal. Also all articles about spiritual growth and awakening that I write, I put on the app so you can always read them whenever you want.

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