November 7, 2015

Animal Messages App – Messages From Animals

Animal Messages App

Animals can give you messages:

It’s interesting to understand these messages. The Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps helps you with this. Animals are capable of showing you what features can help you along in certain situations in life. The Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps describes what the animals stand for, briefly describes what message they can give you, and there are 3 affirmations for each animal that suit the situation. This app contains over 100 animals.

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Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps

Animals are the true messengers. The Indian culture and shamanism see animals on your path as major messengers. Nature, and everything that is related to it, is most powerful when talking about magic and spirituality. If we dare to look at the message of animals, we will find many answers in our lives. The Animal Messages app by Spiri-apps helps you perfectly with this.

Message from animals

Animals often provide messages. It can be an animal that crosses in front of you, a bird that flies along with you, a butterfly that sits on your shoulder, or a bird that taps on your window. You are the only one who can feel whether these are messages.

The nice part is that you can now see what that message is, with the Animal Messages app.

Using affirmations

There are affirmations that fit the message of the animal. With the Animal Messages app you have access to these affirmations. These are positive short sentences you keep repeating. You use these sentences to achieve a goal or to change a conviction. In short: it’s a very powerful tool you change your life in a positive way. Click here if you want more information about affirmations.

Enjoy this app that includes over 100 animals:

Eagle, antelope, beaver, bee, opossum, buzzard, guinea pig, coyote, badger, pigeon, squirrel, duck, hedgehog, magpie, donkey, pheasant, flamingo, grebe, goose, goat, gecko, vulture, armadillo, cock, hare, lizard, hawk, ermine, deer, humble bee, dog, hyena, loon, kingfisher, jackal, cockatoo, cockroach, turkey, chameleon, canary, kangaroo, cardinal, caribou, cat, beetle, frog, chicken, koala, hummingbird, rabbit, crow, crane, cricket, dragonfly, ladybug, thrush, groundhog, coot, titmouse, gull, blakbird, ant, mole, mouse, sparrow, nightingale, stork, otter, horse, toad, panda, parrot, peacock, pelican, prairie dog, raven, rat, roe, heron, robin, caterpillar, salamander, sheep, turtle, scorpion, snail, snake, woodpecker, spider, starling, grasshopper, porcupine, skunk, meerkat, toucan, owl, falcon, pig, finch, jay, bat, butterfly, fox, raccoon, weasel, wolf, swan, swallow, boar.

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