November 7, 2015

Ascended Masters App – Risen Masters Help

Ascended Masters App

Risen or ascended masters:

A risen or ascended master is a spiritual teacher who has gone through one or even more incarnations on earth. They are powerful guides and light beings who can help you understand the meaning of life. And that is exactly what the Ascended Masters app by Spiri-apps helps you with!

Video about Ascended Masters App:

The Ascended Masters app helps you when you want to make drastic changes to your life. It it important that you ask an ascended master (there are very many and they all have their own religious and cultural background) for help yourself. This app by Spiri-apps contains different overviews of 21 ascended masters. Are you looking for growth in your life, do you want to let go of fears or do you want to attract prosperity? The Ascended Masters app by Spiri-app is the right thing for you!

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Ascended Masters app by Spiri-apps

This app by Spiri-apps is a spiritual app that likes to hand you something and wants to help you to get further in life. Maybe you want to let go of your fears, you want to better indicate your own limits or you want to let go of old habits. This app contains 51 processes and corresponding affirmations. Here are some examples: letting go of fears and showing courage, strengthening your aura, being able to act efficiently, feeling safe and secure, enjoying life, being able to express feelings, liking to live on this planet, indicating your limits, wanting to achieve a higher consciousness, wanting to live in unconditional live, gaining insight into yourself, understanding your soul mission, lifting your karma, learning to say ‘no’, letting go of old negative habits, discovering  and using talents, being satisfied, transformation of experiences, learning to love yourself, accepting changes in your life, and so on.

Using affirmations

You will come across affirmations in this app by Spiri-apps. These are positive short sentences you keep repeating. You use these sentences to achieve a goal or to change a belief. In short: it’s a very powerful tool you change your life in a positive way. Click here if you want more information about affirmations.

Have fun using this app!

Paul Wezenbeek

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This app by Spiri-apps comes in English and Dutch, and does not contain any ads. You will also never receive any push notifications with Spiri-apps. Since I does not allow advertising on my apps and website I ask a fee of 0.99 eurocents for downloading an app. This app is forever for you disposal. Also all articles about spiritual growth and awakening that I write, I put on the app so you can always read them whenever you want.

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