November 7, 2015

Positive Affirmations App – Using affirmations

Positive Affirmations App

Positive affirmations

This app by Spiri-apps provides you with dozens of useful positive affirmations. An Affirmation is a positive short sentence you keep repeating and that help you in daily situations. You use these sentences to achieve a goal or to change a conviction. By regularly repeating an affirmation, you are programming your subconsciousness. This app by Spiri-apps perfectly helps you with this.

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This spiritual app helps you get further in life. You can better let go of your fears, it becomes easier to attact prosperity or you get better at saying ‘no’. This app contains 67 different situations with corresponding affirmations!

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Positive Affirmations app by Spiri-apps

This app app by Spiri-apps helps you to arrange your own life more positively. With an affirmation – a short sentence you say on a regular basis – you have a major influence on your subconsciousness. By being positive, you change your negative thoughts that often influence certain situations in life. So you unconsciously become a lot happier.

Different life situations

Thanks to this spiritual app, you have access to 67 different life situations with their corresponding affirmations. Some examples: wanting to let go of fears, feeling protected, being able to work efficiently, wanting to live on this planet, daring to set limits, being able to express feelings, wanting to let go of the past, wanting to strengthen psychic observations, wanting to live in unconditional love, starting to believe in yourself, learning to accept your body, lifting karma, learning to say ‘no’, wanting to radiate love, listening to your body, being able to be optimistic, being satisfied, wanting to accept joy, learning to love yourself, starting to experience prosperity, allowing changes in your life, and so on.

Repeat an affirmation

You will find three positive affirmations for each situation. Try to repeat these sentences every day! But simply repeating the affirmations is obviously not enough. Luckily, this app by Spiri-apps helps you a lot: you will see how you can optimally use your affirmations. Click here if you want more information about using an affirmation.

Enjoy using this app!

Paul Wezenbeek

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This app app by Spiri-apps comes in English and Dutch, and does not contain any ads. You will also never receive any push notifications with Spiri-apps. Since I does not allow advertising on my apps and website I ask a fee of 0.99 eurocents for downloading an app. This app is forever for you disposal. Also all articles about spiritual growth and awakening that I write, I put on the app so you can always read them whenever you want.

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