help from angels

Help of angels. Ask them for help! Right now! Angels are love and there’s nothing wrong with love…

Help of angels. Unemployment among angels and archangels is drastically increasing. Ask them for help! Right now! Angels are love and there’s nothing wrong with love…

help from angels

Help of angels and archangels

Love is elusive, but in the angelic realm it’s the only thing they understand. In this age, a lot of indigo energy is coming to earth, making the use of help of angels more powerful than ever. We awaken, and the angels are happy to help us with this. But we will have to ask them, because they’re not allowed to help without us asking for it. We’re all very busy in today’s society, and we barely have time for ourselves. Why don’t you take five minutes a day to ask for the help of angels? They are very eager to help you and are idly looking down on us… They are love. Let love be your helper!

In all periods of our history, there have been encounters with beings from other dimensions. This is independent of religion or geographical location. These beings have many names. This article is about help of angels.

Mystics and people with sensitive abilities can perceive these beings of light. Most people are unable to do this. Since most people can’t perceive angels, the general public shows little attention or recognition to them. This is typical for the third dimension which consists of duality (yes or no).

Angels have been present since the beginning of time. They are also mentioned in the Bible and are pictured in many art pieces from the past. The word angel is originally Greek and means ‘messenger’. Angels can appear in our dreams, in which they provide advice to face challenges.

help of angels

Mankind is in charge of creating its own destination. A spiritual awakening process is currently going on. We can and are allowed to make more use of help of the universe. Angels play an important role in this. Their light is love. They may however not offer their help without you asking. Since the awakening is a slow process, the angels can’t wait to start helping us…

Be clear

Be specific when asking for help of angels. Be clear. We’re sometimes in the middle of processes that require us to learn or experience lessons. If your wish or question goes against this, they will rarely help you. The lessons and experiences you need to learn will strengthen your soul and this therefore has a higher priority… Traditionally, people request the help of angels in general. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s even more effective when you ask the help of the angel that can best handle your question. Every angel has its own field of work, so to speak. The angel app I developed will help you with this. It describes 300 situations, each with their corresponding angel.

There are several orders in the angelic hierarchy. Angels and archangels have a high rank in this hierarchy. They protect people and are sent as messengers. They sometimes come to observe and gain knowledge. They can also guide a planet and its inhabitants to enlightenment by making their light available in this transformation.

Every soul in the universe is assigned a guardian angel. This being of light is factually one with the higher self. Our guardian angel knows what our goals are and the angel oversees the life lessons our soul chose for incarnation. Guardian angels therefore protect us and help us walk our path. You can count on this angel always being around you. It’s not usual to see or hear him. If you meditate often, you could try to make contact with him during a deep meditation. Another option is to try to open your senses more that allow contact with angels. You could do this by for instance using affirmations.

The angels guide us on our spiritual path and on our way towards the fifth dimension (you can read about this in the article on the fifth dimension), when we ask them for it.

Signs that show they’re around us a lot could be:

– Your life suddenly takes on a new twist.

– You get the urge to move, without knowing whereto…

– You suddenly switch jobs.

– You become responsible for your own feelings and actions.

– You find life refreshing and feel peace.

– You see the world as through the eyes of a child.

During initiation I suddenly smelled the strong smell of a flower. This is again proof an angel is helping you:

angel help

You can call angels every day and for every situation you need help with. If you really want to achieve something and this comes from the heart, the help will be greater and arrive faster. For instance, if you’re asking for money when you actually don’t really need it, they won’t work for you as quickly. So it’s about your intention and love. The angels are love and will therefore resonate better with this. So ask from your heart…

I have developed apps you could use to make changes to your life. For instance using the help of angels, or using the help of ascended masters. Another app is about the use of affirmations. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling. Check the spiritual apps page to see if something appeals to you…

Lastly you can find an overview of the archangels and the things they could help you with below.

Archangels are higher in the hierarchy than angels. They are often called and have the ability to be somewhere instantly and to help. They are found is Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Archangel Michaël – The mighty protector

Archangel Michaël is the protector. He is the angel that can take away undesired energies. He has a sword he can cut etheric cords with, such as connections with people from your past. You could also ask him to give you strength and courage to take the steps you know are important to take. Michael guides you when it comes to your life goal.

Archangel Raphaël – Angel of healing

Raphaël’s main job is to create healing, for people, animals and situations. Raphaël helps you to get back to your own strength. He also guides and protects you when you’re travelling.

Archangel  Gabriël – Creativity and wish for children.

This is the angel who assists in the process of pregnancy, from conception until birth. If you have a particular desire to have children, you could ask Gabriël to take your request to God. When pregnant, you could ask Gabriël along with Rafaël and Michaël to watch over your pregnancy and ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth. Gabriël also helps in the field of creativity.

Archangel  Uriël – Good ideas

Archangel Uriël is the angel of wisdom and ideas. You could ask Uriël if you need a solution. For instance if you’re studying or in a business meeting. He helps you to come into contact with your inner wisdom and enlightenment.

Archangel  Azraël – Angel of consolation

Archangel  Azraël can support terminal patients when the end is near and guides the deceased to the light. He can offer consolation to relatives by guiding them through the mourning process. He can also help with contact with deceased loved ones.

Archangel  Chamuël – Angel of the found objects

Chamuël can help you find whatever you have lost. This could be your car keys, but also your life path…

Archangel  Ariël – Earth and environment, animals and manifesting

Archangel Ariël helps people who are involved with the earth and the environment as well as animals. In addition, Ariël could help and support you to manifest your desires and goals.

Archangel  Jophiël – Angel of beauty

This archangel is also called the Feng Shui angel. He could help you with for instance cleaning your house. By letting things go (throwing stuff out) you create room for new things… He can also help you to develop new, positive thoughts.

Archangel  Haniël  – Full moon

When it’s full moon, you can use her energy and recharge yourself with it. Call her to you and ask if she wants to help you let go of old patterns and habits. She also helps with spiritual sensitivity and ‘women’s problems’ on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

If you see a feather like this on the ground or whirl around, the angels are with you:

help of angels

Archangel  Metatron – Indigo children

Metatron is the archangel who guides and supports the indigo children. You could ask him for guidance with raising children, especially when it comes to highly sensitive children. Metatron can offer help with children with ADD and ADHD. You could also consult him for feeding your inner child or to set priorities and gain spiritual insight.

Archangel  Jeremiël –Angel of emotions and forgiveness

Jeremiël helps you cope with and process (strong) emotions. By forgiving the situations and everyone involved, including yourself, you can continue in the here and now without a big weight on your shoulders.

Archangel  Nathaniël – Passion and strength

He can help you let go of everything that no longer belongs to you. He will assist and accompany you with large, but also small changes in your life. Archangel Nathaniël stirs your passions and gives you the strength to continue to achieve your life goals.

Archangel  Zadkiël – Angel of order and peace

He can help you create order in the midst of chaos. He can also help you think clearly again and make the right decisions to create order. He is also there for you for emotional healing, forgiveness and mental problems.

Archangel  Sandalphon – Messenger of God

He brings our prayers to God. Sandalphon is also the angel of music and inspiration in this field. He advises us to heal ourselves with positive music.

Archangel  Raguël – Angel of relationships

Archangel Raguël can help you heal and bring harmony into your relationships. With yourself or with other people. He can bring peace into relationships and can help solve misunderstandings in relationships.

Archangel  Raziël  – Angel of past lives

Archangel Raziël is the angel who can help you solving fears that have to do with past lives. Raziel can help you remember these lives en possibly solve the karma. He can also help you understand your dreams and laws of the universe.

Angels are supernatural beings and I sometimes use he or she. The angels themselves don’t live in this duality…

If you like to start working with angels, the Angel app can definitely be recommended.

I wish everyone a lot of love and light.

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Help of angels. Ask them for help! Right now! Angels are love and there’s nothing wrong with love…

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  1. Thank You for sharing this information. Is there a book I could buy that discusses what you just shared with me? Thank You Again!
    I ask 1500 Angels to come down to Earth every morning. They watch over me and protect me and mine, plus my siblings and their families, and cousins and their families, etc. I Love the Archangels and the entire Angelic Realm. Thank You again 🌹

  2. Thanking you again quickly Paul for this beautiful information. I had honestly never considered Angels as “Specialized Agrnts” with their own specific areas of expertise. It makes absolute sense to me and I very much enjoyed learning this, one more piece of my Spiritual Puzzle! Thank you Beloved Paul.

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