power of colour

Power of colour. Which colour is important to you? How do you find out and what can you do with it?

Power of colour. Which colour is important to you? How do you find out and what can you do with it?

power of colour

Power of colour

Colours are important in everyone’s life. Colours are a fascinating combination of wavelength and electromagnetic radiation. Colours are used to cure. To attract happiness. To influence an advertisement. Red is a warning on stop signs and traffic lights. Fashion. Wearing clothes based on how you feel in that moment. And so on…

Colours have both positive and negative characteristics and obtain a certain value based on their place and use. By choosing to dress, wear jewelLery or have your interior in a certain colour, you choose what you want to convey. This choice is often based on feeling. People sometimes completely turn around in their choice of a colour.

Power of colour and numerology

Power of colour. You can calculate your power colour using numerology. There’s a large chance that this is the colour you already love. But it’s also possible that this colour is actually an addition for you. You could start wearing clothes in this colour. Light a candle in this colour. Paint a wall of your house in this colour. There are so many possibilities to utilise the power of the colour that suits you in your life.

In numerology, every colour has a number. The following list is the one most commonly used. Naturally, not all colours are listed. There are many different overviews like this one, and I decided to use the one below for this article.

Red = 1

Orange = 2

Yellow = 3

Green = 4

Blue = 5

Indigo = 6

Violet = 7

Silver = 8

Gold = 9

power of colour

According to the theorem of Pythagoras, the following letters correspond to a number.

A J S = 1

B K T =2

C L U = 3

D M V = 4

E N W = 5

F O X = 6

G P Y = 7

H Q Z = 8

I R = 9

Power of colour. You are now going to retrace your name in numbers. Let’s take the common Dutch name Jan Jansen. We add all numbers with their corresponding letters. So this will be: 1+1+5+1+1+5+1+5+5 = 25. Add the 2 and 5, giving you the number 7. So always go back to a single digit. The power colour of this person is violet. Your passport or driver’s license often states a different official name of birth. The resulting colour might be different and will be important when visiting official occasions of institutions. A shortened first name is often used in informal settings. The corresponding colour could be important in contact with friends.

You can consciously or unconsciously realize inner dreams with colours. And you really don’t need to throw out your entire wardrobe or paint your house. Small details are also effective. For instance the planner that’s always in your purse, or a scarf or piece of jewellery. A new duvet cover. Maybe pay attention to the colour when buying something new…

Finally, a short overview of the meaning of colours

Power of colour. Colours from the numerology mentioned above, supplemented with the most common colours.

Red – Red is the core of life. The Vikings wrote their Runen-signs in red. Red is the colour of strength, physical energy and determination. Wear red for courage in the face of opposition and for change during difficult circumstances.

Orange – Orange is the colour of the sun and abundance. It’s the colour of fertility, health and joy. Orange is an excellent colour to use during rituals to make a project succeed or to attract happiness. Staying vibrant.

Yellow – Yellow is the colour of the mind and communication. But also the colour of jealousy. Yellow provides intellectual success and can be used while studying and travelling. Use yellow if you’re moving or want to move. Ideal for protection and attracting success.

Green – Green is the colour of the heart. The colour of love and emotions. Green is excellent for finding new love and following your heart. Also for prosperity and renewal. Stimulate fertility.

Blue – Blue is the healing colour of the soul and represents wisdom, trust, hope, inner peace, strength and idealism and justice. Blue is suitable for meditation, healing, cleansing and a good career.

power of colour

Indigo/purple/violet – The colour of the kings, emperors, gods and priests. Connection with higher dimensions and inspiration in general. Wear this colour if you want to grow spiritually. Also for the development of your intuition and inner wisdom.

Silver – Silver is the colour of the moon. This colour represents dreams, vision and the desire for fulfilment in things other than materials objects. Visions, insights and secret wishes belong to silver.

Gold – Gold means success, prosperity and acknowledgement. It also represents money, a long life and ambitions. Wear gold to realise dreams. Gold protects against negative forces.

White – White is the colour of the divine and life force. This colour carries all other colours within. White stands for boundless energy and vitality. Good for a new start. Also for emotional harmony and a clear vision.

Black – Black is the colour of death and rebirth. Wear black to symbolise the borders of the past and a future-oriented attitude. Also to dispel guilt and regret.

Brown – Brown represents the earth and its forces. Brown stands for affinity with nature and is protective. If you want come across as powerful in case of deception, you could wear brown. Also for financial insight and security.

Pink – Pink stands for friendliness and love. Also for reconciliation and harmony. It also helps with inner harmony, peaceful sleep and emotional healing.

Grey – Grey stands for compromising and being flexible. Also for keeping secrets. Grey protects against mental attacks.

Good luck!

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