fifth dimension

The fifth dimension, what does that mean? What is it really…

The fifth dimension, what does that mean? What is it really…

fifth dimension

You’ve probably heard a lot about it, but what can we notice of going towards the fifth dimension and what does it really mean? Many articles on spirituality talk about going into a new era. We are going from the pisces era to the aquarius era. We’re going from the third dimension through the fourth towards the fifth dimension (5th dimension).

Every matter, statement, thought, experience or emotion has a vibration frequency. This vibration is measurable. Each dimension has levels of vibrations, which is a kind of a set of lessons. The soul needs to learn these lessons before it can further evolve. A soul chooses to live in a certain dimension to learn these lessons. The lessons that represent the third dimension are love and light. A soul learns through lessons to contain unconditional love. The light has to do with our chakras. In order to gain mastery we eventually need to manage our emotional an mental body to make the chakras flow the way they need to. The more aware you become and the higher your spiritual development continues, the higher your vibration will become. All dimensions exist next to one another and thus simultaneously. Because of our limited consciousness we can often only perceive one dimension. The higher our consciousness and therefore our vibration frequency, the more we can perceive in a different dimension. Only few people have this possibility right now, but because of the development of our consciousness more people will be able to experience this in the future…

The third dimension:

Things in the third dimension often have a physical appearance, such as size. Because of the density of matter, these often have a slow vibration. It is therefore hard for a human to understand that we eventually can create shapes from thoughts. The third dimension is governed by the sense of duality. If the soul becomes more aware, matters are no longer perceived as black and white or yes and no. Pain, emotional challenges and suffering are pushed forward and good or bad karma is built… Each event is analysed within its context. This is a sign that the soul is busy growing out of the illusion of the third dimension.

A long time ago, in the times of Atlantis, it was very natural for a soul to connect to higher dimensions. In these times, people have forgotten how this works and seems sometimes afraid of clairvoyants and mystics who are able to do this.

Music video from the sixties when a wave of consciousness came to earth…..

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The fourth dimension:

The fourth dimension is regarded as a kind of transition to the fifth dimension. It is seen as a portal to higher worlds. Opening the heart is key in this. The vibrations in this dimension resonate higher than the physical and dense world of the matter as we experience this in the third dimension. It’s also a dimension in which we need to learn to forgive. You start to crave a lifestyle from the heart that is totally different from what we are used to in the third dimension. You still experience the duality (good/evil, light/dark, female/male) but you are completely aware of the fact you have to work on yourself. You try to solve the problems in your life that are caused by duality. By experiencing this it becomes possible to access higher dimensions later on.

Slowly, the concept ‘We are all one’ starts to sink in with many people. This is the core (what we need to learn) of the fifth dimension. We are all equal. Since our consciousness grows and new knowledge becomes available and increasingly more light is present, solutions to problems become more and more clear. People have to make a choice because of this higher consciousness. Do I choose to increase my hunger for knowledge even more or do I remain stuck in the duality? This is often an intense and difficult decision for people.

The fifth dimension (5th dimension):

Manifestation through thoughts becomes possible. Emotions are still present, but you no longer let them fool you. You possess a sort of mastery over yourself. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are higher than those of the physical, dense world of the earth. Factually, they can vibrate at speeds that are faster than the speed of light. This makes manifestation and creation by thoughts possible. The heart is in charge. The higher self (your soul) is matched with the heart. Love prevails, because our actions are made from the heart and no longer from the head.

We are like earth; everyone is on its way towards the fifth dimension, reading many books and programmes on spirituality and consciousness. I personally find it hard to indicate how long this takes and whether people will succeed. I think it’s a process of over 20 years, during which more chaos and disorder will happen on earth. The goal of this is to actually make us aware that things need to change… The right people will arise from this chaos and will show leadership to send us in the right direction. You can trust this. It will all be fine eventually!

5th dimension

This is of course a brief explanation. My goal is to write down spiritual matters like this as understandable as possible. My consciousness and knowledge is increasing. I’m currently getting much knowledge from the book: The light shall set you free by Norma Milanovch & Shirley McCune. Unfortunately, people rely too much on only scientific evidence. My story is based on trust, consciousness and feeling from the heart!

Spiritual help

Are you working on your spiritual development? I created different apps that can support you in this. An app about the help of angels, one about the use of affirmations, an app on calling on ascended masters and an app about the messages from animals. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling. You can see the complete overview on this page.

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  1. Exceedingly apt….timely thanks for refreshing my thoughts and making depth to my abstract experiences on all dimensions:) peace profound:)

  2. This article is interesting and a good place to start. But we’re already living in a fourth dimensional world. Could you be thinking fourth density? It’s not exactly the same, although there is overlap to the ideas. A lot of what you’re describing is fourth chakra energy, which is essential to the ascension process. One of the ideas is to think with your heart (which actually contains proto-neural tissue and makes it, literally, a thinking organ) while deconstructing your reality/personality. Of course it’s much more complicated than that while at the same time being the simplest thing in the world.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I have feeling my way (blindly and/or intuitively) through many of the transitions you speak of and it’s been nice to find someone writing about it so clearly. Thank you so much. This has helped me understand where I’m at on my journey greatly. Cheers!

  4. This is spot on and makes a lot of sense. I was told that I was a fifth dimensional thinker as I don’t let retrogrades unglue me or make me fear things. Retrogrades are portals of amazing opportunities.

  5. Beautifully eloquent and insightful I very much enjoyed your perspective and articulate rendition of (these) somewhat complicated and in dept conversations. Thank you so much for sharing your work and understanding, every little bit I can get, I devour like a starved little puppy! Lol. Truly enjoyed this thank you again for your time. Stacy

  6. Thank you for sharing! That’s why I insisted on helping teach chakra clearings besides clearing my own to those who come to me for help! I’ve dreamt healing during ‘Atlantis’ time years ago….namaste! Xoxo 💓❤️

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