why meditate?

Why meditate?

Why meditate? What is it? Why and how do you do it?

why meditate?

Why meditate? What are we?

Why meditate? The first thing you need to understand is that you’re more than just your body. You are a soul that has had many bodies before. We consist of energy or vibrations and this energy creates our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Thoughts can really stick to us, depending on our mood and what we draw towards us.

Each time we don’t feel comfortable, we could choose to experience something different. To most people, it’s very difficult to understand that we actually are not our body. By meditating you can come into contact with your consciousness and your inner self. Meditating lets you discover who you truly are and which life path has been set out for you.

Why meditate? What is meditation?

When you meditate, the brain waves are slowed down so we can use a larger share of our thinking capacity. In deeper meditation we can connect with our higher self (the divine inside us) and follow this inner guidance in practice.

In India, 5000 year old documents speaking of meditation were discovered. Meditating exists in different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Currently, spiritual awareness is an important theme to start meditating. Meditation is for everyone!

Why meditate?

Why meditate? Meditation relaxes us, possibly makes us happier and is the way to find and come into contact with inner peace. Meditation is the path of all spiritual wise people who have gone before us and will be the path of peace for many people in the future.

Meditating and coming into contact with your inner guidance is not easy. It takes a lot of time to grow in this. It can take many years before you notice true growth. It’s mostly a matter of doing it on a regular basis and persisting. In this busy society that asks so much of you, it’s difficult for a lot of people to for instance reserve 10 minutes a day for meditation. It is however really worth your time, because these 10 minutes will be your daily moment of rest and are very important if you want to continue to grow on your spiritual path.

Why meditate? Breathing

Your breathing is calmed down during meditating. You learn to breathe through your belly and if you learn to breathe properly you can try to also use this in daily life. And proper breathing is often accompanied by good health….

why meditate

The three different stages of meditation

1 Concentration

It’s important to let go of all your thoughts in this stage. These thoughts come by, and can be of any nature. Try to let them go and see them float away, for instance on a cloud. The more you meditate, the easier it will become. It’s also important to manage our breathing in this stage. We gently breathe in through the nose and belly. Exhale through the mouth.

2 Contemplation

This is the ability to focus on the inner you. A good example of this is seeing a white light inside us. We have complete control over our thoughts.

3 Meditation

We don’t even feel that we’re meditating anymore. The inner light and you are one. You can now experience a higher consciousness.

Guided meditation

In a guided meditation, you follow a voice. It often has a goal, such as letting go of something or cleansing energy. You don’t need experience in meditation and is therefore often a great effective tool to make changes to your life and to learn true meditating. I developed an app that contains 10 guided meditations you could use in your daily life. You can find all information here.

These are two examples of a guided meditation. Put on your headphones and close your eyes once you start listening.

This is the Loving Yourself meditation:

This is the Gaining New Energy meditation:

Why meditate? Meditating isn’t easy but it can greatly benefit you. It can be done at home. Sit up straight on a chair or pillow with your legs crossed. Many groups meditate together and there are numerous courses throughout the country. A day has 1440 minutes, so why not spend 10 minutes each day working on yourself. Meditating is an excellent foundation and start. Stick to the same time every day and keep doing it! Good luck!

You meditate for yourself, but there are also many projects in which people meditate together for a cause such as world peace.

Spiritual help

I`ve developed apps you can use to make changes to your own life. For instance using the help of angels or requesting the assistance of ascended masters. Or using affirmations. Now, there’s an app with guided meditations combined with visualization and feeling.Feel free to check the spiritual apps page to see if something speaks to you…

Paul Wezenbeek


Other items for spiritual help and growth.

The self-help apps for spiritual growth and help:

Guided Meditation and Visualization App – Guided Meditations including Visualization and Feeling

Angel App – Help from Angels

Animal Messages App – Messages from animals

Ascended Masters App – Help from risen Masters

Positive Affirmations App – Using affirmations

Spiritual information:

Reincarnation. Why are we on earth, what is the purpose? What happens between the lives?

The fifth dimension, what does that mean? What is it really…

Ascension: Higher energy/vibrations on earth. How do you notice them?

Chakras: what, what for and why….

Buddha. A lot of people have a Buddha statue. When and where did he live? Who was he?

Why meditate? What is it? Why and how do you do it?

Third eye. What is it? What does it do? Where is it?

Spiritual help:

Archangel Michaël and his protective pillar of light.

Goddess Lakshmi and attracting abundance.

Sleeping well. Going to sleep in a positive way.Requesting energetic help to guide you in your sleep.

Help of angels. Ask them for help! Right now! Angels are love and there’s nothing wrong with love…

Affirmations: Nine golden rules for using affirmations successfully.


Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.

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